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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an electorphotographic photoreceptor which is good in sensitivity in spite of formation of a protective layer, is little in an increase of residual potential and small in potential fluctuation by environment at change and makes it possible obtain stable electrophotographic characteristics, a process cartridge having the electrophotographic photoreceptor and an electrophotographic device.SOLUTION: The electrophotographic photoreceptor which has a conductive substrate, a photosensitive layer and a protective layer, has the protective layer containing a compound polymerized with a hole transferable component having ≥2 chain polymerizable functional groups within the same molecule and has the photosensitive layer containing a charge transfer material of ≥350 in molecular weight, the process cartridge having the electrophotographic photoreceptor and the electrophotographic device.

Electrophotographic photoreceptor, process cartridge and electrophotographic device
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December 13, 1999
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June 22, 2001
Ochi Atsushi
Tanaka Hiroyuki
Uematsu Hironori
Amamiya Shoji
Maruyama Akio
Kikuchi Norihiro
Sekiya Michiyo
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G03G 05/147