2001-148291 is referenced by 53 patents.

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To realize a display device with picture elements of an organic electroluminescent(EL) element of an upper luminous surface arranged in a matrix form and aims to realize a mounting structure with high opening ratio when the partition walls are arranged also on th surface side of the substrate to shield the light. SOLUTION: The display device is installed with a substrate 1, multiple picture elements formed on the substrate, and partition walls to insulate adjacent picture elements. Each picture element consists of the lower layer part LL including wiring X, Y and M formed on the substrate 1, the upper layer part UL containing organic EL element OLED, and the middle layer part to electrically insulate the lower layer part LL and the upper layer part UL. The organic EL element OLED is connected to the wiring M via the contact hole CON opening to the middle layer part ML. The partition walls are arranged on the upper layer part UL to overlap the regions including the contact hole CON unsuited to the formation of the organic EL device OLED.

Display device and its manufacturing method
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November 19, 1999
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May 29, 2001
Yamagishi Machio
Sekiya Mitsunobu
Sasaoka Tatsuya
Urabe Tetsuo
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H05B 33/12
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