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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a central cleaner that realizes various functions developed for a general domestic cleaner in a short time and at a reduced cost. SOLUTION: A central cleaner in which the hose inlet 30 is electrically connected with commercial power supply using indoor wiring, and a wireless communication means 13 and 75 using a specific small power means that transmits and receives the signal of hose grip part 70b and the cleaner body 10 is located either on the cleaner body or on the hose unit between hose inlet 30 and the nozzle, eliminating wiring between hose inlet 30 and the nozzle and enabling the use of extension tube or nozzle of the general domestic cleaner.

Central cleaner
Application Number
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Application Date
November 10, 1999
Publication Date
May 22, 2001
Takahashi Masaki
Imai Hidetoshi
Yamaguchi Seiji
Nakao Hiroshi
Fujiwara Toshiaki
Matsushita Electric
A47L 05/38