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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an electrosurgical instrument and an electrosurgical tool converter capable of limiting the supply of energy to a place of a requesting tissue without giving an excessive damage to the tissue. SOLUTION: This electrosurgical instrument has coaxial inner and outer cylindrical members 1, 2 formed of conductive material to constitute a coaxial transmission line. The inner member 1 is preferably formed to have such dimension as to receive an abdominal operation instrument with operating element of a tool projecting over the distal end 1D of the inner member 1. The inner member 1 itself may contain an operating member at the distal end. The outer member 2 is connected to the inner member 1 in a place distant from the distal end 1D of the inner member 1, and at the distal end side of a connecting point 7 between the inner and outer members, a radio frequency(r, f) feeder 4 is connected to the inner member 1. Serial impedance between both the connecting points (4), 7 is formed by the inner member 1 between the connecting points, or formed by the operational frequency of an instrument having a radio frequency(r, f) separation structure related to the inner member.

Electro surgical instrument and electrosurgical tool converter
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May 26, 2000
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May 15, 2001
Goble Colin Charles Owen
Amoah Francis
Penny Keith
Gyrus Medical
A61B 17/32
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A61B 18/12