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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a miniaturized and practical capsule type endoscope having good assembling workability. SOLUTION: The capsule type endoscope of the invention is operated such as that, the focusing object image of the illuminated object by an illuminator is formed focusing object image on the image sensor by object lens, and the image signal is transmitted by wireless. The endoscope has a substrate to hold the image sensor and more than one of substrates. Each the substrate is arranged that substrate for image sensor is the most object lens side, and positioned with a interval and crossing at about right angle to the extended line of optical axis of object lens.

Capsule type endoscope
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September 30, 1999
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April 10, 2001
Ohara Kenichi
Eguchi Masaru
Nakanishi Taichi
Fushimi Masahiro
Nakamura Tetsuya
Nakajima Masaaki
Ninomiya Ichiro
Asahi Optical
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A61B 05/07
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