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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a top light taking type organic electroluminescent element reducing generation of leakage currents and having high reliability by reducing sputtering power during the initial period of deposition when forming a transparent conductive film on an upper cathode through sputtering, and by raising the power thereafter so that deposition by sputtering is made possible within a processing time such that the element can withstand production, for reducing damage to an organic layer on a bed. SOLUTION: The organic layer 10 of this organic electroluminescent element includes a luminescent layer which emits light through the recombination of holes supplied from an anode A with electrons supplied from a cathode K. To manufacture it, an anode formation process for forming the anode A on a substrate 1, an organic-layer formation process for forming the organic layer 10 on the anode A, a cathode formation process for forming on the organic layer 10 the cathode K in a thickness that enables light to pass therethrough, and a transparent conductive deposition process for depositing a transparent conductive film 12 by sputtering to cover the cathode K are effected. In the transparent conductive deposition process, the electric power required for sputtering is set at a low value during the initial period of film formation and is set to become higher as the deposition progresses.

Organic electroluminescent element, its manufacturing method, and display device
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September 20, 1999
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March 30, 2001
Hirano Takayuki
Yamada Jiro
Chiba Yasuhiro
H05B 33/28
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