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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a workflow management system capable of executing a workflow processing as an atomic transaction. SOLUTION: Together with the start of the workflow processing, an identifier definition means 17 defines an identifier. Thereafter, as first - N-th persons 371-37N in charge operate their own client computers 351-35N and execute processes in their charges, an identifier transfer means successively transfers the identifier to the side of the respective persons in charge. The respective persons in charge operate first - N-th terminal side registration means 211-21N and transmit the identifier and their own person-in-charge information to a participant registration means 23. When the last N-th person in charge proposes normal end, a server side instruction means 25 inquires of the respective persons in charge about the propriety of the normal end, then judges the normal end or suspension based on the reply and instructs a final result to the respective persons in charge.

Workflow management system
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September 13, 1999
Publication Date
March 30, 2001
Mori Takeshi
Oki Electric
G06F 17/60
G06F 19/00