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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To prevent short-circuiting caused by the oozing-out of flexure adhesive, to absorb distortion caused by the contraction of a soldered part by reducing the rigidity of a flexure, and to improve the quality of the soldered part by arranging pads adjacently to each other as much as possible when the bonding pad formed in a slider held in the flexure and the leading pad for a lead fixed to the platform of the flexure are soldered to each other. SOLUTION: Holes 21 and 22 are bored in a flexure 8 portion near the soldered parts of the bonding pads 28 to 31 of a slider 25 and the leading pads 41 to 44 of a lead end part. Thus, since adhesive for adhering the slider 25 to a flexure tongue 20 is moved downward from the holes 21 and 22, the adhesive is prevented from being brought into contact with the bonding pads 28 to 31.

Hard disk drive, slider holding structure, head gimbals assembly and its manufacture
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July 15, 1999
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February 16, 2001
Nanba Masaaki
Ishikawa Hiromi
Suruya Patanaiku
Inoue Hiroo
Tsuchida Hiroyasu
Yoshida Tatsushi
Tsuchiya Tatsumi
Internatl Business Mach Corp &Lt IBM&Gt
G11B 21/21