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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an optimum self-correlation result by generating the set of first prescribed values based on a first sequence, generating the set of second prescribed values based on a second sequence having a prescribed second relation with the set of the second values and combining the set of the first and second values.SOLUTION: A new frame synchronous word has the minimum correlation result value of a self-correlation function having two peak values whose polarities are opposite and whose sizes are the same in a zero shift and an intermediate shift. Frame synchronous words C1 to C4 are latched by latch circuits 31 to 34. Correlation units 41 to 44 give a correlation function R(x) to the frame synchronous words C1 to C4 and generate correlation result values A1 to A4 to be stored in buffers 51 to 53. The correlation result values at points A1 to A4 and the correlation result value at a point B show maximum values whose polarities are opposite in a zero time shift R(0) and an intermediate time shift R(8).

Pilot signal for synchronization and/or channel estimation
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March 15, 2000
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December 15, 2000
Song Young Joon
Lg Information &Amp Communications
H04L 07/00
H04B 01/707
H04B 07/26