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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To suppress generation of the color non-uniformity of a semiconductor light emitting device.SOLUTION: This semiconductor light emitting device is provided with base bodies 3, 4, and 11, a semiconductor right emitting element 2 fixed to the base bodies 3, 4, and 11, and polymetalloxan or ceramic coating materials 10 for covering the semiconductor light emitting element 2. The coating materials 10 is provided with a surface layer 10a with which fluorescent substances 13 are blended and an inner layer 10b formed at the lower part of the surface layer 10a in which the contents of the fluorescent substrates 13 are smaller than those of the surface layer 10a. The surface layer 10a having almost uniform thickness is formed at the upper part of the semiconductor light emitting element 2 so as to be separated from this so that the color non-uniformity at the time of lighting of the semiconductor light emitting device 2 can be prevented. Also, the coating materials 10 made of polymetalloxan or ceramic can be prevented from being deteriorated even when irradiated with lights whose wavelength is short such as ultraviolet rays or near ultraviolet rays.

Semiconductor light emitting device
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June 7, 1999
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December 15, 2000
Sano Takeshi
Sanken Electric
H01S 05/022
H01L 33/00