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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To make automatically selectable sound streams to be reproduced in accordance with a user's set select information by showing whether an application flag of management information is dual monaural sound data whereby either one of a first and a second sound channel data is selectively reproduced, or stereo sound data whereby both channel data are simultaneously reproduced, and the like.SOLUTION: An encoder part 7804 encodes input signals from an input part 7803, transfers AV stream data to a track buffer 7807 and notifies sound channel information to a system control part 7802. The system control part 7802 controls a drive 7808 to record the AV stream data of the track buffer 7807 to a DVD- RAM and record management information for recorded AV streams to an RTR.IFO file of the DVD-RAM. At this time, user's favorite sound channel information recorded to a memory PR-FLG is recorded to the RTR.IFO file.

Optical disk and recording apparatus and reproducing apparatus therefor
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March 2, 2000
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December 15, 2000
Sugimoto Noriko
Tsuga Kazuhiro
Okada Tomoyuki
Murase Kaoru
Matsushita Electric
H04N 05/85
G11B 27/00
G11B 20/10
G11B 20/12