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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To minimize write processing duration by backing up data by transmitting a designated block from a second volume to a magnetic tape unit when a command for copying the designated block from the second volume to the tape unit is received.SOLUTION: A host computer is provided with a means for issuing a CCOPY command for backing up all the data of backup objects stored on divided volumes to a secondary volume 6b continuously to a pair dividing command. On the other hand, a disk system is provided with a means for dividing a designated volume pair when the pair dividing command is received and a means for directly backing up a designated block 17 from the secondary volume 6b to a tape unit 3. Thus, data on the secondary volume 6b are frozen at the time point of pair division and the I/O issue load of the host computer can be reduced.

Direct backup method and storage device system
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June 1, 1999
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December 15, 2000
Kimura Koichi
Oeda Takashi
Arakawa Takashi
Kosuge Minoru
Yamakami Kenji
G06F 12/00
G06F 03/06