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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a solar power generating device having a maximum power point tracking function capable of accurately detecting a maximum power point even when the output power-output voltage characteristic of a solar battery has a plurality of peaks without making the output voltage and output power of the solar battery fluctuate needlessly.SOLUTION: An output power-output voltage characteristic detecting means CD1 provided with a solar battery PV1 having the same environmental condition as a main solar battery PV2 is provided apart from a main generation circuit. Then, an output voltage controlling means CT1 obtains the numerical data of the output power-output voltage characteristic of the battery PV1 for characteristic detection by turning a switch SW on or off and detects a maximum power point. Then, control signals S1a to S1d are given to respective transistors T1 to T4 of a voltage type inverter IV1 so that the main solar battery PV2 can generate a voltage value corresponding to the detected maximum power point.

Solar battery controller and solar power generating device
Application Number
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June 8, 1999
Publication Date
December 15, 2000
Ryu Nobuyuki
Iida Takahiko
Iwamoto Hideo
Kakei Gakuen
Mitsubishi Electric
G05F 01/67