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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an image display device for active driving organic EL elements of M-lines and N-columns capable of prolonging the life of the organic EL elements.SOLUTION: The driving voltage of a power line 13 is applied to an organic EL element 12 corresponding to the holding voltage of a holding condenser 16 to control light emission of an organic EL element 12 by active driving. In this case, the deriving voltage of the organic EL element 12 is stopped for a moment just before lighting control by discharging the holding voltage of the holding capaciter 16 on the (n) column at a timing of a scanning voltage on the (n-1) column.

Method and device for image display
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June 9, 1999
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December 15, 2000
Oda Atsushi
Kondo Yuji
H05B 33/14
G09G 03/20
G09F 09/30
G09G 03/30