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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To lessen the pain on a testee by building an illumination means, an observation means, a signal transmission means for radio transmitting the observation image obtained by the observation means and a power source supply means into an endoscope consisting of a bar-like body and disposing a signal reception means at an external apparatus.SOLUTION: An endoscope body has, successively from its front end, a first rigid part 12, a curving part 13 and a second rigid part 14 and is covered with an outer cover elastic material having good slipperiness over the entire part. The observation means 15, illumination windows 16 and air feed ports 17 are disposed in the first and second rigid parts 12 and 14. A manipulation signal from an extracorporeal signal transmission section of the external apparatus is received by a signal reception/ transmission means 13b in the body and remotely manipulates the respective parts. Illumination light is supplied by an LED 16a to the illumination window 16 of the first rigid part 12 and the image of the subject is formed on the image pickup plane of a CCD 15b. An image signal is amplified in an amplifier circuit 13a, is transmitted from the signal reception/transmission means 13b and is received by the extracorporeal signal reception section of the external apparatus. The received image signal is processed in a video circuit of the external apparatus and is observed on a monitor.

Swallow type endoscopic device
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June 7, 1999
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December 12, 2000
Ouchi Teruo
Asahi Optical
G02B 23/24
A61B 05/07
A61B 01/00