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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a vacuum cleaner which is excellent in dust collection performance and capable of the comfortable cleaning. SOLUTION: The vacuum cleaner comprises a motor 2, a dust sensor 3 to detect the dust passing through a dust passing passage during the suction, a dust accumulation detecting means 4 to detect the accumulation of the sucked dust and its storage means 5, and a control means 6 to control the power to be supplied to the motor 2 based on the detected value of the dust sensor 3 and the stored value in the storage means 5, and detects the quantity of the dust passing through the dust passing passage and the accumulation of the dust in a dust collection chamber, the power supplied to the motor is controlled based on these values, the energy is saved while ensuring the dust collection performance, and the comfortable cleaning is realized.

Vacuum cleaner
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March 15, 1999
Publication Date
September 26, 2000
Senoo Hiroyuki
Matsushiro Tadashi
Takahashi Masaki
Matsushita Electric
A47L 09/19
A47L 09/28