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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To form a specified number or more latent images on the same photographic film and to sufficiently utilize high-grade digital signal processing technique by reading images with a scanner, converting it into a digital signal, recording it as a specified number of or more pieces of digital image information and forming the image through digital processing. SOLUTION: This unit is equipped with 1st and 2nd photographing optical systems 30 and 31 for performing exposure with respect to the photographic film 20. Respective optical systems are set so that a photographing angle, a focal distance, a diaphragm value, spectral transmittance and shutter speed and the like are different among them. Just by operating a shutter 12 once, both systems can be actuated simultaneously. Thus, an image is formed by developing two or more latent images simultaneously formed on the same film 20 with respect to the same subject. Then, the image is read by the scanner, converted into a digital signal and recorded as two or more pieces of digital information, and the digital processing of the digital image information is performed to form the image.

Image-forming device and photographing unit
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December 24, 1998
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July 4, 2000
Uesawa Kuniaki
Haraga Hideaki
Iwagaki Masaru
G03B 17/48
G03B 15/00
G03B 19/07