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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To prevent productivity from deteriorating and to avoid a surface acoustic wave device from being large in size when preventing destruction due to discharge of an interdigital transducer in the surface acoustic wave device, especially the surface acoustic wave device of a facedown connection structure.SOLUTION: The surface acoustic wave device has a conductor pattern, on a piezoelectric substrate, including at least one interdigital transducer and an external connection pads 3 (A, B, D, E) connected electrically to the interdigital transducer, and the external connection pads 3 (A, B, D, E) consist of at least a stack of 2 metallic layers. In this case, the conductor pattern has at least one resistor that connects electrically regions which are not in DC connection, and the resistor includes at least one conductor and at least one metal oxide layer 5 in contact with the conductor, and the conductor is made of the same metal as the of one metal layer included in the external connection pads 3 (A, B, D, E).

Surface acoustic wave device
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December 11, 1998
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June 30, 2000
Kuwajima Hajime
Takahashi Masaki
Osanai Katsunori
Sekoguchi Hiroshi
H03H 09/25
H03H 09/145