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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain a simple, inexpensive and easily installable structure greening a corrugated roof of by setting vegetation materials in specific cultivation vessels and planting the greening plants to the plant vegetation materials.SOLUTION: The valley parts 5 on a corrugated roof 1 are used as the cultivation vessels and the vegetation materials 2 are set in the valleys 5 and the plants 17 are planted in vegetation materials 2. At this time, the corrugated roof 1 that has a valley integrally formed are jointed at their tops of the hills 6. This vegetation material preferably comprises a vegetation mat 2 that is previously formed in a prescribed shape.

Structure for greening corrugated roof and greening apparatus
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December 9, 1998
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June 20, 2000
Ijiri Kyoko
Katayama Isao
Daiwa House
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