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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To simultaneously generate plural kinds of document data of a proper form desired by a user by the reduced number of scanning operation by generating reading data by a data form according to a specified form.SOLUTION: A controller 101 for controlling a multifunction peripheral device has software (control management program) as a storage medium to manage/ control a device based on the above program. A scanner engine 102 is controlled by the controller 101. Laser beam printer engines(LBP) 1 103, 2 104 are also controlled by the controller 101. Then, the kind of a reading original is discriminated to store a data form according to the kind of each original and according to the discriminating result, the stored data form is specified to generate reading data by the data form according to the specified form.

Peripheral device, its control method and storage medium
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November 25, 1998
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June 16, 2000
Takagi Tomoko
Shimodaira Masako
Osada Mamoru
Matsuo Takuyuki
Sasaki Yasuhiko
Endo Tomoaki
Inoue Takashi
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