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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To resolve a weight load to a building wall, to improve an aseismatic property and to remove the influence of drive noises by arranging turning pulleys between the engaging section of a drive sheave and ropes and the vertical sections of the ropes, and setting the height of a drive device from a hoistway bottom section lower than the height of the apex of a buffer.SOLUTION: A pair of ropes 9 are endlessly suspended between a car 7 and a balance weight 8, and a drive sheave 11B wound with the ropes 9 is rotated by a drive device 11 fixed to a hoistway bottom section 2A by a support base 12 to vertically move the car 7 and the balance weight 8. The drive device 11 is installed so that the height H1 of the whole device against the hoistway bottom section 2A is made lower than the height H2 of the apex 13A of a buffer 13 (H2>H1). The main body of the drive device 11 is arranged in the range nearly coinciding with the horizontal projection range directly below the car 7, and the drive device 11 has a structure withstanding the whole weight load of a lifting structural body such as the car 7 and the biased load of the earthquake motion.

Elevator device
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October 8, 1998
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April 25, 2000
Hiramoto Takeji
Saito Chuichi
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