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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain a solid cosmetic having excellent stability to impact even when mixing a large amount of spherical powder of an organopolysiloxane elastomer having hardness and a average particle diameter in specific ranges by making the cosmetic include the spherical powder.SOLUTION: This solid cosmetic contains preferably 0.1-50.0 wt.%. especially preferably 1.0-20.0 wt.%, based on the whole amount of the cosmetic, of spherical powder of an organopolysiloxane elastomer having 50-100, preferably 50-80 JIS A hardness and 0.1-200 μm, preferably 0.5-20.0 μm average particle diameter. The spherical powder is obtained, for example, by mixing an addition reaction curing type organopolysiloxane composition with water in the presence of a surfactant using a homomixer, or the like, to form a uniform water dispersion, releasing the dispersion into warm water at ≥50°C followed by curing and drying. For example, solid face powder, various kinds of foundations (powdery foundation, water use foundation, foundation of both uses solid emulsion type foundation, or the like), solid rouge, or the like, may be cited as the solid cosmetic to be contained.

Solid cosmetic
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July 30, 1999
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April 11, 2000
Suzuki Fukuji
Takahashi Kazuo
Takada Sadashige
Miura Yoshimasa
A61K 07/035
A61K 07/02
A61K 07/00