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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To improve mass production property by performing sealing process efficiently and surely. SOLUTION: A manufacturing method provided with a discharge space sealed with a sealant between a pair of substrates consists of successive conducting of a first process, in which a sealant is formed at least on either of the substrates, and one substrate and the other substrate are laminated with each other through the sealant; a second process in which an inside of a space defined between a pair of the substrates is depressurized by interposing the sealant and then heated so as to cause the sealant to fuse; a third process in which the pair of substrates are fixed by solidifying the sealant, and a discharge space is formed; a fourth process for removing impurities in the discharge space; and a fifth process for filling a gas in the discharge space.

Manufacture of plasma display panel
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June 15, 1999
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March 21, 2000
Fujimoto Akihiro
Iwasaki Kazuhide
Kanagu Shinji
Ukai Takeyoshi
Fukui Minoru
Nakatake Fumiaki
H01J 11/02
H01J 09/395
H01J 09/39
H01J 09/26