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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To effectively and uniformly apply powder itself to the inner wall surface of a green tire without using a spray gun or the like, and furthermore, to recover excess powder to be reusable. SOLUTION: The lower part of a hollow frame 2 of a tire mount 1 is provided with a powder recovery device 5 such as a hopper. The lower part of this powder recovery device 5 is connected to a powder recovery box 7 through a pipeline 6, and furthermore, the lower part of the powder recovery box 7 is connected to a powder feeder 8 for feeding powder Q such as talc, mica, and silicone which feeder provided with a compressor and the like. Above the tire mount 1, an vertically movable closing cover 9 for closing the upper opening of a green tire W is installed. In the nearly central part of this closing cover 9, a powder feeding nozzle 19 for feeding the powder W into the green tire W is installed. This powder feeding nozzle 10 and the lower part of the powder recovery box 7 to which the powder feeder 8 is connected are connected through a powder feeding path 11.

Method of applying powder to inner surface of green tire, and device therefor
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August 12, 1998
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February 22, 2000
Sakamoto Kazuchika
Yokohama Rubber The
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