PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an automatic unit which is capable of surely positioning an article in a perpendicular posture, versatile, and capable of rearranging the posture of the article. SOLUTION: A automatic unit to rearrange the posture of an article is provided with a plurality of compartments 14 provided on a peripheral edge part of a rotary disk 19 to be rotated below a bottom part of a hopper 10. The compartments 14 store each article 12 in a horizontal condition, and are integratedly provided with a discharge chute 15 therebelow. The discharge chute 15 is moved together with the compartment 14 and receives the article 12 dropping therefrom, and transfers it onto a feed conveyor in an arranged condition. Each compartment 14 is provided with a holding member to temporarily hold the article 12, the holding member is tilted in one direction or in the reverse direction according to the posture of the article 12 before dropping by a driving means to be controlled by the signal from a posture recognizing means 17, and the article 12 is dropped onto the discharge chute 15 in an appropriate direction.

Automatic unit for rearranging posture of article
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January 30, 1998
Publication Date
October 20, 1998
Sala Jaime Marti
Sala Jaime Marti
B65G 47/24
B65G 47/14