PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain an ink composition which can give a cured product having an increased rigidity, has such as viscosity as the permit the use through the nozzles of a printer and can be crystallized without interference by using an amorphous curable monomer compound and an amorphous polymer or oligomer binder and containing a crystalline curable monomer as the base. SOLUTION: The amorphous curable monomer compound is exemplified by bisurethane, a pentaerythritol ester or an epoxide/alcohol reaction product or a bisamide and is desirably has a Tg (glass transition point) of 10-50°C, a viscosity of below 100mPa.s (at 150°C) and a molecular weight of below 1,000g/mol. The amorphous polymer or oligomer binder is e.g. a hydrogenated rosin/glycerol reaction product having a weight - average molecular weight of 1,000-15,000g/mol and a viscosity of 1,000mPa.s or above (at 150°C). The base is desirably selected among dodecanediol and others.

Ink composition for hot melt ink
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February 3, 1998
Publication Date
August 18, 1998
Weijkamp Clemens Theodorus
Kelderman Erik
Groothuijse Ronald
Everhardus Roelof Hendrik
Oce Technol
C09D 11/10
C09D 11/02