PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To manage the access of a group of mobile machines to the resources having plural stop positions like the dumping points by establishing an order standby sequence for control of access to the resources and deciding the positions of stopping points as a functions of the resource constitution. SOLUTION: A resource manager dynamically decides a stop point 210 for a mobile machine 106. The resources 202 are equal to the dumping resources, and the point 210 is equal to a dumping point. An order manager is prepared for every mobile machine 106 and produces an order position request signal when the machine 106 approaches to the resources 202. The resource manager establishes and controls an order standby sequence 216 for control of the access to the resources 202 in response to reception of the order position request signal. Then the resource manger decides a dumping point 210 for the machine 106 that is set at the 1st position of the sequence 216, and the point 210 is a function of the constitution of the resources 202.

System and method for managing a group of mobile machines to let them pump at plural dumping points
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
December 18, 1997
Publication Date
July 14, 1998
Jagannathan Sarangapani
Craig L Keillsen
Karl A Kemner
G05D 01/02