PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an automatic sample testing apparatus to test a sample housed in a test card. SOLUTION: This apparatus 20 has a test sample array system 100 to move a tray 22 for housing a plurality of test sample cards 28 and a fluid container between various stations therein. The machine 20 has a vacuum station 400 having a vacuum chamber movable freely above or below the tray and a fluid sample is loaded into a card from the container when vacuum is released. The test sample array system moves the tray to a cutting and sealing station 500 and then to an incubation station 600. The test cards are further transferred to an optically reading station 800 and a well of the cards undergo optical measurement. After reading, the cards are returned to the station 600 for the subsequent incubation and reading or transferred to a stacking card disposing system to complete the reading.

Automatic sample tester
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February 21, 1997
Publication Date
December 16, 1997
Gerst Joanne T
Gregg Flender
Kent Smith C
Raymond E O Bear
Andrew Zeigler
Richard James Ryall
Arthur Rousmaniere
Andrew Moore
Porat David
Guerrera Stephen
Chastain David
Thomas H Burchard
Drager Craig
Bishop James Clement
Eric William Anson
Williams Daniel Ray
Paul Springer
Shine David
William Ernest Sweeton
Lon Robinson
Roger James Morris
Meyer Donald
Bernard Jean Marie Limon
Clifford W Karl
Gayral Jean Pierre Bernard
Mark Joseph Fanning
Biomerieux Vitek
G01N 35/10
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