PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To form a large capacitor without deforming the waveform of a scanning line and to suppress the dispersion of pixels in a picture. SOLUTION: In an active matrix panel formed by driving a pixel electrode 86 by a scanning line 84 and a data line 87 formed on a substrate 81 and a thin film transistor(TFT) connected to both the lines 84, 87 and driving liquid crystal by an electric field generated between the electrode 86 and a counter electrode, the same conductive film as that of a TFT channel part is arranged on the upper part or lower part of the scanning line 84 through a gate insulating film 83 and the conductive film is connected to the electrode 86 through a contact hole.

Liquid crystal display device
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
February 27, 1997
Publication Date
July 31, 1997
Matsueda Yojiro
Seiko Epson
H01L 29/786
G02F 01/1343
G02F 01/136