PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a water-insoluble and water-swellable fiber, film or like molded articles which can be produced without fail by a large-scale high-speed production process and has absorption properties satisfactory as compared with those of conventional particulate water-swellable polymers. SOLUTION: This article is an extruded water-absorbing and water-insoluble fiber or film having a gel volume corresponding to 50g or above of deionized water per gram of the polymer. It is formed from a crosslinked copolymer of a water-soluble unsaturated monomer blend containing 50wt.% or above, based on the total monomer weight, carboxylic monomer in the form of a free acid, a salt of ammonium, an amine or an alkali metal, or a hydrolyzable ester. The crosslinkages are ester linkages formed between the carboxyl group and the hydroxyalkyl ester group.

Water-absorbing and water-insoluble polymer article
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August 26, 1996
Publication Date
May 27, 1997
Flesher Peter
Farrar David
Allen Adrian S
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