PURPOSE: To provide the subject material which contains specifically structured microparticles of a silicone compound having specified units and can give articles excellent in reliability such as heat shock resistance, reflow crack resistance, heat resistance, and humidity resistance. CONSTITUTION: The objective material comprises (A) an epoxy resin having at least two epoxy groups in the molecule, (B) a compound having at least two phenolic OH groups in the molecule, and (C) microparticles each having a structure composed of (i) a core of a solid silicone compound and (ii) a shell of an organic polymer, wherein component (i) is a silicone compound having units of the formula: RR'SiO2/2 (wherein R is a 6C or lower alkyl, an aryl or a substituent terminated with a carbon-carbon double bond; and R' is a 6C or lower alkyl or an aryl). It is desirable that the above units have 1-20 mol.% units comprising [RSiO3/2] and/or [SiO4/2], and component (ii) is a compound obtained by the vinyl polymerization such as an acrylic resin (copolymer) or the like.

Epoxy resin molding material for sealing electronic component and semiconductor device sealed therewith
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October 7, 1994
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May 28, 1996
Michael Gekku
Runbart Deutsch
Peter Huber
Kojima Hiroki
Saito Hiroyuki
Hagiwara Shinsuke
Wacker Chemie
Hitachi Chem
H01L 23/31
H01L 23/29
C08L 63/00
C08L 63/00
C08G 59/62
C08G 59/20