PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To efficiently retrieve specified data to be displayed by permitting a user to start a mark mode on the contact overlay film of a display device and marking a desired number of text. SOLUTION: The user can use a device 2 as a cellular telephone set by permitting the user to depress a telephone icon 26 at the lower part of a screen in the display device 10. The mark mode is started on the contact overlay film and the desired number or text is marked. Then, data can be retrieved. When the user touches an icon 28 at the lower part, a shift office screen is displayed. In a different application example which can be used in the data processing system of the device 2, the device 2 has the calendar, the note, the filer and the address book of the device itself. A facsimile operation is possible by the icon of the name of 'male'. For making the device realize various communications, various communication links are synthesized to the device 2 apart from the cellular telephone set, and specified data is retrieved.

Device and method for marking text on display screen of personal communication equipment
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July 4, 1995
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May 17, 1996
Au Connie Yudip
Daniel Ming Te Hsieh
Peter Roland Eastwood
Stout Jean L
Goodwin Julie Francis
Yee Raymond L
Tiller Byron Kevin
William Villajuana
Lanier Charles Sterling
Canova Francis James Jr
Johnson Debra Ann Gawne
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Allard David Joseph
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