PURPOSE: To provide a detector by which the number of times of correction of the electronic reading can be reduced considerably by installing two photoelectric detecting elements respectively having the sensitivities to the different wavelength regions, in an allowable cube in a condition that they are placed as close to each other as possible. CONSTITUTION: A detector comprises a first substrate 20 on which at least a first photoelectric element 22 sensing a first wave band, is formed, and a second substrate 24 on which at least a second photoelectric element 26 sensing a second wave band, is formed. The second substrate 24 having the second photoelectric element 26 is transparent to at least the radiation of the first wavelength region, and the first photoelectric element 22 is installed close to the second photoelectric element 26 in opposition to the element 26. The first substrate 20 and the second substrate 24 are connected with each other by an electrical and/or mechanical connecting spherical body.

Radiation detector, and manufacturing method of the same
Application Number
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November 24, 1994
Publication Date
September 5, 1995
Lucas Christian
Marion Francois
Mathieu Lydie
Commiss Energ Atom
G01J 05/60
G01J 05/02
G01J 01/02