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PURPOSE: To obtain a catalyst, comprising a specific transition metal, having excellent polymerization activity for an olefin and capable of producing a polyolefin, having a high molecular weight and a high melting point and excellent in stereoregularity. CONSTITUTION: This transition metallic compound is expressed by the formula (M is a group IVa, Va or VIa transition metal of the Periodic Table; R1 is H, a halogen, a 1-20C halogenated hydrocarbon, a silicon-containing group, etc.; R2 is a 1-20C hydrocarbon which may be substituted with a halogen, etc.; Hal is fluorine or chlorine; X and X are each H, a halogen, a 1-20C hydrocarbon, etc.; Y is a 1-20C bivalent hydrocarbon, SO, etc.). Furthermore, the catalyst for polymerizing an olefin comprises the transition metallic compound and is prepared by supporting the transition metallic compound, an organoaluminumoxy compound and a compound, reactive with the metallic compound and forming an ion paxr on a particulate carrier. The method for polymerizing the olefin comprises a reaction in the presence of the catalyst.

New transition metallic compound, catalyst component for polymerizing olefin composed of the same transition metallic compound, catalyst for polymerizing olefin containing the same catalyst component for polymerizing olefin and method for polymerizing olefin
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February 3, 1994
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August 15, 1995
Kiso Yoshihisa
Ueda Takashi
Yoshida Masayasu
Kawai Koji
Tashiro Koji
Fujita Terunori
Imuda Junichi
Saito Junji
Fukuoka Onori
Mitsui Petrochem
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C08F 04/642