PURPOSE: To make the tool low-priced, to simplify the structure, to make it suitably disposable and to satisfy all the conditions of satisfactory flow rate control performance by providing a driving part with the helical advancing mechanism of a gasket and a driving source with a spring take-up drum, spring winding reel and energized fixed load spring at a driving source. CONSTITUTION: When a fixed load spring 43 is wound around a spring take-up drum 41 by a winding-up means and released later in the state of assembling a liquid chemicals container part 10 and a driving part 30, the take-up drum 41 wound around a take-up reel 42 is rotated by a spring 43. This rotation is converted to the linear action of a gasket 12 by male and female screw members 32a and 32c of the helical advancing mechanism, the gasket 12 is advanced from the base part of a liquid chemicals container 11 to the head side, and liquid chemicals are pushed out. At such a time, since the rotational torque of the spring take-up drum 41 and the helical advancing mechanism is fixed and the flow rate is decided by the rotational torque, the change of the flow rate with the lapse of time is extremely reduced. On the other hand, since the liquid chemicals are fed through a pressure control valve, the feeding pressure of liquid chemicals is almost fixed, and a little liquid chemicals can be continuously fed for a long time.

Liquid chemicals feeding tool
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
December 31, 1993
Publication Date
August 1, 1995
Himeshima Kenji
Aramata Akifumi
Futagawa Jun
Yamamoto Masahiko
A61M 05/145