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PURPOSE: To provide a surface discharging type plasma display panel of large operational margin, which causes uniformity in the brightness. CONSTITUTION: A resist is screen-printed on a substrate 11 on which a plurality of surface discharging electrode pairs 12 are provided in parallel to each other, to form a plurality of stripe-shape resist patterns 31 crossing the electrode pair perpendicularly. A resist non-coated region A of the electrode pair is removed by etching to form point-line electrode pairs 13, 13' on which a plurality of chip-shape electrodes B are connected together in the form of stepping stones. The point-line electrode pair forming a display electrode pair is electrically connected to linear connection electrodes 14, 14' provided along the point-line. A dielectric layer 15 is formed on a substrate, and an insulating paste is screen- printed, to form a stripe-shape barrier 16, which crosses perpendicularly the point line of the point-line electrode pair, and which passes between the chip- shape electrodes B. The screen printing of the resist pattern and the screen printing of the barrier are carried out by using the same screen mask.

Manufacture of plasma display panel
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February 25, 1993
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September 9, 1994
Nanto Toshiyuki
Wakitani Masayuki
Kanagu Shinji
H01J 11/00
H01J 09/02
H01J 09/24