PURPOSE: To provide virtual reality to a player even if the player moves by correcting an image and a sound image in accordance with the movement of the audience which is detected by audience detection means, where the image and the sound image are formed by image formation means and sound image formation means, respectively. CONSTITUTION: A magnetic direction sensor 14 for detecting the forward direction of a player is provided on the top face of a head mount display 10 and an infrared LED 18 for detecting the position of the player is provided on the upper face of the head mount display 10 and a position sensor 22 detects infrared radiation from the infrared LED 18. An image forming portion and a sound image forming portion form a reference image and a reference sound image, respectively, both of which are to be given to the player when the player is located at a reference position and points to a reference direction, and a correcting portion corrects the reference image and the reference sound image in accordance with signals indicating deviations of position and angle, which are calculated at a position deviation calculating portion, so that the positions of the image and the sound image in an imaginary space are not varied.

Device for creating virtual reality
Application Number
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July 21, 1992
Publication Date
February 22, 1994
Nakane Toshihiro
Sega Enterp
H04S 07/00
H04S 01/00
A63F 09/20
A63F 09/22