PURPOSE: To increase light collection efficiency of a scintillator with a radioactive image pick-up apparatus having the scintillator optically coupled to a light detector. CONSTITUTION: A dielectric layer 40 is provided preferably to above a radioactive incident face 34 around at least a side wall 38 of a scintillator element 32, and a light reflection layer 50 is provided on the dielectric layer 40. The dielectric layer 40 has a smaller refractive index than that of a scintillator material, and as a result photons generated in the scintillator are reflected on a border face between the scintillator and the dielectric layer 40 and the light reflection layer 50. Further, the radioactive incident face 34 of the scintillator element 32 is formed in a dome shape, and an end face 36 of the scintillator optically coupled to a light detector 22 is formed in an conugation shape, so that the number of photons receiving total reflection in the scintillator is reduced.

Light detector scintillator radioactive image pick-up apparatus with improved light collection efficiency
Application Number
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September 21, 1992
Publication Date
August 10, 1993
Pimbley Joseph M
Rougeot Henri M
General Electric Co &Lt Ge&Gt
A61B 06/00
G01T 01/20