PURPOSE: To perform a unitary operation by integrating different application job programs to be executed by plural kinds of computers composing a distributed network. CONSTITUTION: An access processing is performed by an applied job adapter 202 working for a user applied job program by each node on a network. When data transfer requests exist between user applied job programs in each node, these requests are controlled. In this case, the communication required condition between the node related to the data transfer request and the node of a data transfer destination is established. When the data forms do not mutually correspond between both of the nodes, a data operation is performed so that the form may be the common data expression for a transfer and a message is delivered to a destination node.

Integrating system for application job program in different kind of network environment
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May 10, 1991
Publication Date
August 18, 1992
Clemen Jue
Alan Miranda
Israni Sharat
Ikemoto Mark
Givens Cynthia
Marie Budnick
Mitch Amino
Daryl Gaumer
Gulland Scott
Pham Thong
Hewlett Packard Co &Lt Hp&Gt
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