PURPOSE: To minimize the shadow of a screen fitting member seen at joins of images between unit screens by using two members, which are divided functionally as a fitting member for supporting the weight of the screen when the screen is fitted and a member for bringing the screen into contact with a screen side, as a means for fitting the screen. CONSTITUTION: This screen is equipped with rods 5 - 7 for supporting the weight of the screen 4 so that adjacent images do not overlap with one another. Then the rods 5 - 7 are inserted into holes 8 - 10 bored in a transparent plate 3 to support the weight of the screen. Further, wire materials 11 and 12 are run through small holes 15 and 16 bored in the transparent plate 3 and pulled by spring 13 and 14 to bring the screen 4 into contact with the transparent plate 3. The wire materials 11 and 12 may be formed of one looped wire material. Consequently, the shadow of the screen fitting member can be minimized not to mention the shadow of the screen 4 formed at border parts between respective image planes of the multiple image plane screen.

Multiple image plane screen
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
May 11, 1990
Publication Date
January 21, 1992
Ogino Masanori
Tamura Yuzo
Iwahara Yukiaki
Ota Masutomi
H04N 05/74
G09F 09/40