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995,582. Cables. BRITISH INSULATED CALLENDER'S CABLES Ltd. May 20, 1964 [May 21, 1963], No. 20258/63. Heading H1A. In a telecommunication cable designed to prevent migration of moisture along its length the conductors are individually insulated with a cellular plastics material and the interstices between the insulated conductors and between them and the water-proof sheath are filled with a suitable water-impermeable medium. The conductor insulation may consist of polythene or polypropylene which contains large numbers of non-intercommunicating cells.; The surrounding medium may be composed of mixtures of whiting and castor oil, or microcrystalline petroleum waxes, or mixtures of microcrystalline petroleum waxes and oils such as petroleum jelly, or low molecular weight and high Melt Flow Index polythenes of a semi-solid or greaselike nature, or mixtures of petroleum jelly, micro-crystalline petroleum waxes, polyisobutylene and aluminium stearate. The effective permittivity between the cellar plastics insulated conductors of any pair is approximately the same as if they had solid insulation and the medium was replaced by air. The insulated conductors may be laid up in twin or quad formation and the whole lapped with paper or other insulating tape before sheathing, The water-impermeable medium may be introtroduced in stages as the cable is assembled, e.g., before or after each layer of insulated conductors is applied.

Improvements in or relating to telecommunication cables
Application Number
GB19630020258 19630521
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995582 (A)
Application Date
May 21, 1963
Publication Date
June 16, 1965
Dodd George Alexander
British Insulated Callenders
H01B 07/17
H01B 07/285
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