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A free-flowing, particulate thermoplastic composition contains amylosic material and added water. Amylosic material is defined as amylose, amylose esters, anhydrides or ethers, e.g. hydroxyethyl amylose, and mixtures of amylose and amylopectin starch containing more than 50% amylose. The composition, which may be extruded into films or fibres (see Division B5) may also contain plasticizers, e.g. invert sugar, sorbitol, corn syrup, glycerine and hydroxypropyl glycerine. The dry amylosic material is combined with the added water or premixed water and plasticizer, in a mixer or blends to give a powdery product. Preferred proportions by weight are: amylosic material (9-19% moisture) 50-70%; plasticizer 0-29%; added water 10-50%.

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GB19620044439 19621123
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965349 (A)
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November 23, 1962
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July 29, 1964
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