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962,594. Sewing; tufting machines; pile fabrics. KINTSLAID ENGINEERING CO. Ltd. Nov. 29,1962 [Feb. 23, 1962], No. 7092/62. Headings D1G and D1K. A tufted fabric is produced by an eyed needle co-operating with a latched under looper adapted to operate in such a manner that alternate loops, which form pile loops are drawn through the preceding loops which thereby form locking loops. By using an upper looper pile may be formed on both sides of the base fabric. The under looper 16 has a hooked end 17 normally closed by a pivoted latch 19 having a projecting upper end engageable by a bar 20 for closing the latch. At the first penetration of the eyed needle 12,bar.20 moves forwardly with loops 16, whereby a loop is taken behind the open latch 19, Fig. 4.; Bar 20 remains in contact with the latch during the withdrawal and subsequent advancement of looper 16 at the second penetration of the needle, when a loop is taken in front of the latch, Fig. 6. Bar 20 then withdraws further than looper 16 to permit closure of the latch, whereby the first loop slips off looper 16 and is tightened, by the operation of a yarn take-up, upon the base of the second loop which is held extended by looper 16, Fig. 7. Looper 16 then advances and withdraws to shed the second loop. An upper looper bar 15 then advances, Fig. 10, whereby on the next penetration of the needle to form a locking loop, an upper loop is formed over looper 15 to produce the tufting shown in Fig. 11. Alternatively, looper 15 may be advanced during the formation of the tuft loop to produce the tufting shown in Fig. 12.; The upper looper 15 may be omitted or made inoperative to produce tufting on the underside only of the base fabric.

Improvements in or relating to the manufacture of tufted fabrics
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GB19620007092 19620223
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962594 (A)
Application Date
February 23, 1962
Publication Date
July 1, 1964
Higham James Barry
Wignall Norman
Ridyard John
Kint Slaid Engineering Company
D05C 15/00
D05C 15/22
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