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957,342. Linear particle accelerators; X-ray tubes. VARIAN ASSOCIATES. July 27, 1961 [Aug. 1, 1960], No. 27305/61. Heading HID. [Also in Division H5] A beam of accelerated particles for direct irradiation of an object or for producing X-rays for irradiating the object, is bent through 90 degrees and the deflected particle beam is movable to vary the direction of the radiation on to the object. The accelerator may be a Van de Graaff generator, resonant transformer or a linear accelerator, the beam may be pulsed or continuous and the object may be irradiated with electrons, protons, deuterons or neutrons. In Fig. 5 the irradiation head 21 includes two magnets 26, 27 for bending the beam 28 first in one and then in the opposite direction to fall on a rotatable X-ray target 281.; The X-rays pass through an aluminium " beam flattener " 31 which is thicker in the centre to provide a uniform intensity across the X-ray beam. The size of the X-ray beam is limited by a lead collimator and the head has lead shielding 33. In the head of Fig. 8 the beam 46 is bent through 270 degrees and directed vertically on to the X-ray target 47. The deflecting magnet may have a straight edge to produce a parallel beam or a concave edge to produce a focused spot. By suitable choice of the magnet parameters energy and direction focusing may be achieved. In Fig. 14 the magnet combination 61, 62 may be used to produce a slightly diverging particle beam for the irradiation of a broad object or, with the first magnet 61 de-energized the beam is directed on to an X-ray target 63 located between the poles of magnet 62.; The entrance face of the magnet 62 can be tipped slightly to produce an elongated focal spot on the target. The irradiation head is rotatable about the axis of the accelerator and the accelerator which is mounted horizontally is rotatable about a vertical support and is supported by a movable overhead crane or the accelerator is supported on a counter-weighted gantry rotatable about a horizontal axis.

Apparatus for directing ionising radiation in the form of or produced by beams from particle accelerators
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GB19610027305 19610727
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July 27, 1961
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May 6, 1964
Varian Associates
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