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943,330. Selective signalling systems. CARL DROHMANN G.m.b.H. Oct. 4,1962 [Nov. 24, 1961], No. 37500/62. Heading G4H. A feed screw 3 is controlled to dispense a predetermined volume of a flowable material from a hopper 2 by presetting a counter 10 to an appropriate number. Drive shaft 4 is engaged by clutch plate 7,a perforated or notched disc 11 is sensed photoelectrically, inductively or capacatively and the pulses produced count down counter 10, clutch 7 being disengaged and brake 6 being engaged when the counter reaches zero.

Control device for screw dispensing machines
Application Number
GB19620037500 19621004
Publication Number
943330 (A)
Application Date
October 4, 1962
Publication Date
December 4, 1963
Drohmann C
G01F 13/00
G01F 11/00
G01F 13/00
G01F 11/00
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