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A feed additive, essentially dicalcium phosphate, is produced by adding phosphoric acid of at least 70% w/w to pulverized dry limestone in an amount to give CaHPO4.2H2O, whereby if the acid concentration is in excess of 85% w/w the acid is diluted to 84 to 85% w/w and if the concentration is less than 84%, there is admixed with the limestone quicklime fines or sodium pyrophosphate-a chemical dehydrating agent, such that the required concentration is obtained, the limestone acid mixture being mixed during the addition of the acid, the product resulting being thereafter maintained at 30 DEG to 80 DEG C. for 6-48 hrs. The acid is preferably admixed within 5 minutes in for example a rotary disc mixer, employing limestone powder which contains preferably more than 50% of -60 microns grams.; The aftertreatment at 30 DEG to 80 DEG C. may be effected by passing air at 30 DEG to 80 DEG C. over the powder placed in a container, which may be a rotating tube drier. The final product is a non dusting powder from which particles of greater than 0,5 mm. are removed by sieving and these can either be used separately or comminuted and added to the bulk product. Up to one-fifth by weight of the limestone powder can be replaced by the chemical equivalent of dolomite, or up to 5% over the theoretical P2O5 requirements of CaHPO4.2H2O of phosphoric acid may be employed or between 10 to 20% excess, over the equivalent of phosphoric acid, of limestone or dolomite may be used. The product may also contain less than the theoretical amount of water and thus contain between 48-50% phosphorus pentoxide.; The examples relate to the production of monocalcium phosphate using 84,5% concentration of acid, using 76% acid with quicklime as dehydrating agent, 80% acid with pyrophosphate as dehydrating agent and limestone with added dolomite, using a rotary disc mixer and rotary tube drier.

Process for the manufacture of a mineral feed additive essentially consisting of dicalcium phosphate
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GB19610001396 19610112
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917328 (A)
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January 12, 1961
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February 6, 1963
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A23K 01/175
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