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886,745. Removing slag. POWER, MINISTER OF. April 27, 1960 [Jan. 29, 1959], No. 3191/59. Classes 51 (1) and 51 (2). Slag from a gasifier is prevented from fouling the tapping hole 10 by the action of a high-frequency electric current passed through a coil 12 surrounding the hole 10. The floor 4 of the gasifier and the lower part of the walls may be cooled by water tubes 18, 21, and pulverulent fuel may be injected through pipes 30 extending through the tuyeres 5 into the slagging zone. The molten slag falls through a hole 24 in the upper surface of a conduit 23 to be quenched by a flow of water carrying away the quenched and fritted slag. An inner sleeve 28 with a hole 29 corresponding to the hole 24 can be moved away so that solid slag deposits may drop through the hole 24 and an opposing hole 26 in the conduit 23. The coil 12 may be formed of metal tubing cooled by water circulation.

Improvements in or relating to slag tapping
Application Number
GB19590003191 19590129
Publication Number
886745 (A)
Application Date
January 29, 1959
Publication Date
January 10, 1962
Williams Frank Archer
Mini Of Power
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