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875,629. Batteries. EVER READY CO. (GREAT BRITAIN) Ltd. March 31, 1958 [April 8, 1957], No. 11434/57. Class 53. A cell comprises electrodes which may be of carbon and zinc, magnesium or aluminium, in contact with a solid electrolyte consisting of an ion exchange material, for example a crosslinked sulphonated polystyrene resin. The electrodes may be in the form of separate plates, and a layer of manganese dioxide may be in contact with the carbon. Alternatively, the various layers may be deposited on one another in coherent form. The carbon may be deposited by dispersing it in a solution of a thermosetting resin with which a zinc sheet is coated. The solvent is removed and the resin hardened by baking. The manganese dioxide and ion exchange layers are deposited in the same way, the latter being deposited on the manganese dioxide layer or on the uncoated side of the zinc.; Fig. 3 shows four layers 18, 19, 20, 21 consisting respectively of zinc, carbon, manganese dioxide and an ion exchange resin, and Fig. 5 shows a battery comprising three superimposed cells each consisting of four layers as shown in Fig. 3. The current is led off through zinc plates 22, 26 at the ends of the battery. Specification 875,630 is referred to.

Improvements in or relating to dry cells and batteries
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GB19570011434 19570408
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875629 (A)
Application Date
April 8, 1957
Publication Date
August 23, 1961
Hickman Leslie Stanley
Turner Hubert Laurence
Ever Ready Co
H01M 06/18
H01M 06/18
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