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862,646. Aerials; R.F. couplings. ZEISS JENA, C., VEB. March 22, 1957, No. 9558/57. Class 40(7) [Also in Group VI] A therapeutic micro-wave radiator arranged for the irradiation of tissue 6 and having its radiation beam directed to a focus at a point 5 therein comprises a waveguide 9 with a partspherical bounding surface 3 formed by one face of a convex lens filling the space between waveguide and tissue. As described the lens is formed by a spherical cup 4 of ceramic material and a plastic or elastic body 7 of high dielectric constant filling the space between the cup and the tissue to be treated. The body 7 may be a bladder filled with water. The cup 4 acts as a quarter-wave matching layer; if required its thickness may be modified to assist in obtaining uniform intensity over the micro-wave front in the tissue.; The waveguide 9 is matched to an air-filled co-axial cable feeder 2 by means of adjustable slides 10 and 11 arranged in extensions of the cable and guide respectively as shown.

Improvements in therapeutic micro-wave systems
Application Number
GB19570009558 19570322
Publication Number
862646 (A)
Application Date
March 22, 1957
Publication Date
March 15, 1961
Wrede Wolfgang
Zeiss Jena Veb Carl
A61N 05/02
A61N 05/04
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