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841,609. Carding engines. RUSCA, R. A. May 19, 1959 [Aug. 1, 1958], No. 16969/59. Addition to 836,668. Class 120(1). The machine of the parent Specification is modified in that pre-opener roll means are mounted in a fibre opening and transfer relationship with the main cylinder in advance of the granular carding surface. In one embodiment, Fig. 2, unopened fibre tufts on the cylinder 10 are caught by the teeth of a slowly-rotating roll 14 whence they are returned to the cylinder by a rapidly rotating roll 141. Rolls 14, 141 are covered with saw teeth, preferably with a 30 degree rake on each tooth. The rolls are mounted just in advance of a granular carding plate 13. They may be individually belt driven; or they may be inter-geared, one being belt driven.; Two or more pairs of rolls may be located consecutively prior to the plates 13, or each pair of rolls can be followed by one or more plates. Plates 13 are adjustably secured to the machine frame by mounting screws 19 and adjustment nuts 21, Fig. 3. In another embodiment, Fig. 6, a single roll 36, rotating in either direction at a lower surface speed than the cylinder 10, removes unopened tufts from the cylinder and returns them to the lickerin 11 which carries them over mote knives 35 before returning them to cylinder.

Carding apparatus
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GB19590016969 19590519
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841609 (A)
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May 19, 1959
Publication Date
July 20, 1960
Ralph Austin Rusca
D01G 15/00
D01G 15/20
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